Rogue Ales

Rogue Yellow Snow IPA

Yes, I’m back. No, I won’t be taking down the post before this.

It’s not that I want a reminder of the mistakes – the overdrinking, the not being there, the drunk driving. I don’t because they still sap the color from me. The thought now, especially after seeing her ten little fingers and ten little toes, it’s still more than I care to remember. But it is there, and it is useful. I’m not sure I can ever make peace with it, though I do know I couldn’t be happier that I am here with a healthy, happy peanut who maybe looks just like daddy. Here’s hoping she also has mommy’s patience, beauty, and resolve.

The ex-Catholic in me is craving penance, just one nonalcoholic Kaliber leftover from the third trimester. Just not today.

Thank you b for your encouragement with this project.

Rogue Yellow Snow IPABeer No. 50 – Rogue Yellow Snow IPA

I was kind of hoping #50 would be a milestone. It is in a way. But the brew itself, while decent, lacks the celebratory pop.

STYLE: American IPA

ABV: 6.5%

LOOK: I need to get used my new surroundings, tasting downstairs instead of the guest bedroom. Apricot orange, dirty. Hazy in the right light and a nice little head.

NOSE: Soft pine and what else?

MOUTH: Cold, especially for a beer that’s been at room temp for nearly an hour. Hoppy bite at the end, but I’m missing the expected floral and citrus notes. I could chalk it up to being out of the game but that’s not quite true. I think it’s just wanting.

Beeradvocate Rating: 86

ratebeer Rating: 96

Hayward Abbey Rating: 78


Rogue Mocha Porter

Beer No. 43 – Rogue Mocha Porter

I don’t want to let it goad me, but I did just eat a Drumstick, courtesy of the eight pack picked up by my full-term and still-glowing wife this weekend. It shouldn’t affect this review, but, you know, there it is.

I’ve been telling a few confidants about this blog, which inevitably leads them to ask what my favorite beer is. Tough question, and I tend to answer more broadly, in styles – Belgians, DIPAs, Imperial Stouts. This decent brew, while none of the above, once again proves that there are qualities – and balance – in a softer, often-overlooked category.

STYLE: American Porter

ABV: 5.3%

LOOK: It takes a minute or so for the two-finger head to settle down. Dotted carbonation buttresses a puffy topper where the bubbles pop slowly, methodically. The color, purpley black.

NOSE: Hershey Bars, caramel, cream cheese, and red berries. Sweet smoke, seductive.

MOUTH: Iced coffee, mineral water, grill plates, garden dirt. All of which I mean in the best possible way. The lightly bitter wee bite is a nice counterpoint to the smokey sweet aroma. Balance is the key, with hops you can actually taste. An unusual but welcome addition to Porterland.

Beeradvocate Rating: 87

ratebeer Rating: 96

Hayward Abbey Rating: 88

Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Beer No. 23 – Rogue Dead Guy Ale

STYLE: Maibock / Helles Bock

ABV: 6.5%

LOOK: Conventionally orange, hue of brown, and moderately fizzy. There’s not much head or lacing. Special, no. Adequate, sure.

NOSE: Burnt saddle, dog hair, banana skins, honey, white pepper. A solid 100 on the “what the fuck” scale, it ain’t bad.

MOUTH: Pear and apple, where were you on those nose? Malt vinegar, salty, dry, refreshing. Reminds me, really, of a sandwich favorite — grilled cheese with good sourdough, shredded cheddar, bacon, green apple, and spicy mustard. Quite good.

Beeradvocate Rating: 89

Hayward Abbey Rating: 83