North Coast Brewing Co.

North Coast Pranqster

Beer No. 35 – North Coast Pranqster

My glowing and pregnant wife’s favorite beer, she might literally kill me for reviewing it before she pops. All the more so since I think I technically stole it, the two four packs undeservedly collecting dust in the back of the fridge, gifts from her baby shower and thusly for her to enjoy when she is allowed to imbibe. I love you b, but the temptation was too great … and the payoff definitely worth it.

STYLE: Belgian Strong Pale Ale

ABV: 7.6%

LOOK: Light, shimmering orange. Not nearly as pale or cloudy as expected. More interestingly, it has the appearance of heft though maybe not actually so. More on that later.

NOSE: Like a haystack filled with peppered apples. Dash of champagne vinegar and worcestershire sauce, now that’s outstanding.

MOUTH: Can I start with a critique that maybe isn’t fair? It’s so so drinkable, I hesitate to say it’s even quaffable. The latter seems to imply a sipping, or at the most moderate, pace. But for a relatively high-alcohol-content pale ale you could annihilate a few of these frat boy style without picking up much of what’s to be had. If you lack patience, that is. Slow your roll with this one. Buttery and white wine but also peppery, maybe meaty. All somehow packaged in a lighter-than-it-should be mouthfeel and soft, barely there finish.

Beeradvocate Rating: 89

Hayward Abbey Rating: 93