MacTarnahan’s Brewing Co. / Pyramid Breweries

MacTarnahan’s Full Bloom Craft Lager

Beer No. 31 – MacTarnahan’s Full Bloom Craft Lager

Spotted this one at the supermarket. Will admit that the logo was the purchasing impetus, a neat flower ditty in what otherwise appears to be an English football kit. I might have been had.

STYLE: Czech Pilsner

ABV: 6.3%

LOOK: Flimsy pencil with a tornado of carbonation settling under a pretty decent, milky head. Definitely a stark contrast between the top half-finger and the rest of my full but not really full tulip.

NOSE: Garbanzo beans, dry towel, oats. Light spice, maybe white pepper, deep in the recesses. More flower stems than floral.

MOUTH: It won’t satisfy any craving, you have to get past the too-bitter head to taste what’s there. Light oats, soft pepper, generic flowers, empty fog. Despite that, it borders on refreshing and the finish is rather subtle and nice, a fleck of malty sweetness. I’m somewhat unsurprised to find a certain Northeast ownership lurking in the background. Magic Hat Marketing 2, Hayward Abbey 0.

Beeradvocate Rating: Not Available

Hayward Abbey Rating: 75