American Brewing Company

Five-Ounce Pours

Heineken to boost Asian growth with $4.1bn Tiger beer deal. Tiger mom, tiger beer – both kinda racist, no? [Reuters]

American Brewing Company, a draped-in-the-flag newcomer, has launched a product line and marketing campaign targeting America’s largest brewers, which just happen to be not really American anymore. I have no idea if their beers are any good – though it is hard to imagine they are worse than their targets’ – but I do know I can’t improve upon Samuel Johnson’s quip that “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” [AdvertisingAge]

Guess I missed International Beer Day. Which is either one day for the world to celebrate beer (which rather seems to miss the point of daily quaffing) or one day to celebrate international beers (which misses the point that a good Belgian Quad can and should be imbibed every day). [Forbes]

I guess it does kind of burn that I missed National IPA Day too. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Couple home brews beer for their own wedding. Seriously, fuck all those people with their choreographed Chris Brown wedding intros. This is how you do a wedding. []