Five-Ounce Pours

ChillsnerTen ways to cook with beer. Apparently I now have ten new favorite dishes. [Huffington Post]

UK government plans to impose “another” tax increase on beer. Nebraska too. [RT] [The Lincoln Journal Star]

“The Chillsner is a beer-chilling contrivance from Corkcicle. The aluminum rod is filled with the same thermal gel as the wine chiller that is Corkcicle’s namesake. Store it in the freezer and when it’s frozen, pop the top off of a bottle of beer, and insert the Chillsner. The beer will stay cold, delicious, and, most importantly, the freezer will remain explosion free.” [cnet]

Scientist claims beer goggles are really rooted in our brains. I’m curious, there are scientists who didn’t go to college? [Business Insider]

Someone agrees with me. [pnj]


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