Five-Ounce Pours

Budweiser WaterIf someone said Budweiser literally waters down its beers, you would expect Budweiser’s defense to mention that it doesn’t literally water down its beers, no? Also, nerd props to Brewbound, who tapped the scandal “Watergate.” [CBS]

2.8% brew has Scottish worrywarts “worried it will cause alcoholism.” [the drinks business]

Florida health care company offers employees an on-the-job pint on Fridays. You see, Scotland, not everyone has to be so uptight. [USA Today]

Cleveland Indians plan to attract fans with “cheap” $4 beers. This news is too late for the dated but still-good Cleveland Tourism Video. And Part 2. [CNBC]

The Brewers Association ups the number of beer styles from 140 to 142. Added to the list are Adambier and Grätzer, “historic pre-Reinheitsgebot styles that are making a slow revival among U.S. and international brewers.” Proof that God did not give us beer? Adambier would have been first. [Brewbound]


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