To b and little b

Last night I got irresponsibly shitfaced, drove on roads I shouldn’t have, came home and puked all over the bed, the carpet, and the bathroom floor – again.  More importantly, I broke promises made and may have irreparably damaged what remaining trust my ever patient, always beautiful wife has in me.

She’s 39 weeks pregnant and spent the wee hours of last night cleaning up my mess instead of getting the well-deserved rest she wants and needs. She’s made impossible sacrifices the last few years and doubled down the past nine months. She is, in my eyes, nothing short of heroic.

I don’t know if I have alcohol problems or just problems. Either way, my wife and daughter-to-be deserve better, and I can’t in good faith continue with this project.

I love them both too much to hurt them more than I already have.


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