Five-Ounce Pours

Brewers Association reports number of U.S. breweries at 125-year high. Dilution be thy name? [Sioux City Journal]

“After bidding $4.1 billion for an Asian brewery in a push to buy up emerging market beer brands, Heineken has a bidding war on its hands.” [The Street]

World of Beer gets a smartphone app. I keep hearing I have to go to the WOB in Columbus. Hey assholes, it’s not that close. But yeah, I do want to go. [Miami NewTimes]

“Heavy demand for Heavy Seas beer drives expansion.” McKayla is not impressed. []

BrewRiver GastroPub brings “craft beer, gourmet pub food” to Cincinnati’s East End. I recommend the muffaletta and rather larger tastings. [soapbox cincinnati]

Pictures of brides drinking at their weddings. Yes, maybe, yes, no, no. The beers! [Huffington Post]


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