Magic Hat #9

Beer No. 12 – Magic Hat #9

I can be a bad friend. I tell that to myself, and sometimes, sitting there sharing a paddle of five ounce IPAs with a buddy, anxious to tell me he’s going to a wedding in Vermont and is, of course, really looking forward to drinking Magic Hat, some craft whatever, I’m not entirely sure because I stopped listening then, do I maybe ask whose wedding, or where ya staying, or hey buddy that sounds like a fucking blast?

No, because I’m a shitty friend. Or I can be.

“#9 sucks,” I interrupt.

Turns out he’s a fan — and I never even heard what he had to say. So before I become an erstwhile drinking buddy, I think it’s incumbent upon me to apologize and give #9 a fair shake.

Let’s start with the easy part because, stickler that I am with words, I recognize that saying it’s incumbent upon me to apologize is not in fact the same thing as apologizing. Mr T, I’m sorry.

The other part, that’s easy too, but maybe not really. There’s something implicit in “fair shake” that says “I know this thing is a POS but I’m gonna soft peddle it.” I won’t do that. Keep it short, sure. But if there’s one thing about that conversation over a paddle of tastings that I’m not contrite about, it’s that I was right.

STYLE: Fruit/Vegetable Beer

ABV: 5.1%

LOOK: Lightly carbonated, roasted gold and orange.

NOSE: Apricot, tangerine, maybe some herbs way down there too, though they’re mostly masked by the rather simple fruit bouquet.

MOUTH: Dried apricot, orange, cherries, light cough syrup. Overchewed bubblegum, and a surprisingly empty finish. It’s like throwing an apricot-stuffed orange down a well. Yeah, there’s a splash, but it’s still pretty empty.

Beeradvocate Rating: 78

Hayward Abbey Rating: 65



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